A set of sweet and smoldering stories by some of Inkspell Publishing’s authors. These award winning and best-selling authors created an anthology you won’t soon forget!

Lola Flannigan by Abigail Drake

Seven is not lucky for Lola Flannigan. Although it’s the number of years she’s been in business for herself, running a successful hair salon, it’s also the number of times she’s spent Valentine’s Day all alone, getting drunk on cheap wine and expensive chocolate.

One more thing. It’s the number of times she’s been struck by lightning, and walked away unharmed.

She should be dead. She realizes that. And as much as she’s grateful to be alive, she now has a little electrical problem. Her hands have become weapons of mass destruction, capable of shocking anyone she touches with deadly force.

Things start to look up the day sexy millionaire Morgan Slade struts into her shop and demands a haircut. Just when Lola thinks life might finally be going her way, everything goes from bad to so much worse. Red-eyed mutants dressed in SWAT gear shoot up her shop, and she has seconds to decide whether to trust Morgan, or if he might be her unluckiest move of all.

At least it looks like she won’t be by herself on Valentine’s Day this year.