A holiday pastiche from the authors of Mindful Writers Retreat, sure to light your festive candles!From a Thanksgiving snow storm that mends old feuds… to the family misunderstandings that fuel new ones… a quirky elf and some romantic stardust will get you ready to go Over the River and Through the Woods on a journey through time!

aNTHOLOGY AUTHORS:  Kathleen Shoop  (Author), Abigail Drake  (Author), Janet McClintock  (Author), Eileen Hodgetts  (Author), Michele Zirkle (Author), Kimberly Gray (Author), Ramona Long (Author), Amy Morley  (Author), Hilary Hauck  (Author), Phil Giunta  (Author), Lorraine Donohue Bonzelet (Author), MaryAlice Meli (Author), Lori M. Jones  (Author), N.J. Hammer  (Author), Jennifer Diamond  (Author), James Robinson Jr.  (Author), Denise Weaver  (Author), Cara Reinard (Author), Larry Schardt  (Author), Sherren Elias Pensiero (Author), Demi Stevens  (Editor)