You met Sophie and Jake in Saying Goodbye. Now, here is their story….

When Sophie Barnes sends Jake Hunter a friend request on Facebook, she knows she might be making a huge mistake. Her sister, Sam, had broken up with his brother, to devastating consequences. But there is something about him that calls out to her, and she knows she has to take a chance.

With his brother in a mental hospital on suicide watch and his parents just trying to get through it, Jake hasn’t been looking for love, but like a miracle, Sophie enters his life, reaching out to him when he needs it most. Texts and calls and video chats help him through some of the darkest days of his life, and give him something to hope for, but soon even that isn’t enough. He needs more. He needs Sophie.

Falling in love is the easy part. Dealing with parents in the midst of an emotional trauma and siblings in crisis puts a heavy strain on their blossoming relationship. Can they get through it together, or will outside forces find a way to tear them apart?